10 events
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11 events
totally in October 2019

10 events
on the map

11 events
totally in October 2019
  • Velada Tango Marathon Black Sea

    October 9–13

    Трехдневный Марафон в рамках Танго-уикенда. 9 и 10 октября — экскурсии, уроки, вечерние милонги и др. мероприятия для Тангерос. 11, 12 и 13 октября — дневные и вечерние милонги Танго-марафона.

  • Riga Autumn Tango Marathon

    October 10–14

  • Tango mega-trip & spa to Greece III

    October 10–13

    With the absolute organization, the great teachers and their irreplaceable lessons ,the perfect tango atmosphere by the Mediterranean sea, the Mega-trip takes place for the third time and gives the opportunity to the people from all over the world to meet again and live the tango experience with more services and a lot of upcoming surprises! Maestros: Diego Mastrangelo & Evi Anesti

  • 9th Noches de Hungria Tango Marathon

    October 17–20

  • El Abrazo de Riga / El Otoño 2019 / Tango Festival

    October 17–21

    Music: Alejandra Mantinan & Mariano Otero

  • TangoBale Festival Marathon

    October 18–20

    Maestros:Sebastian Achavel & Roxana Suarez, Juan Malizia & Manuela Rossi

  • Bien De Maraton Volume 5

    October 25–27

  • Artetango Festival

    October 27 – November 3

    Maestros: Pablo Rodriguez, Carolina Couto, Matias Facio, Cynthia Fattori, Christophe Lambert, Judith Elbaz 3 orquestas + 5 DJ (Aurora Fornuto, Punto y Branca…)

  • TimeforTango Festival 2019 — 10th edition

    October 30 – November 3

    Maestros: Alberto Bersini & Paola Pinessi, Daniel Oviedo & Mariana Casagrande, Edwin Olarte & Vittoria Franchina, Giovanna di Vincenzo, Juan Carlos Martinez & Nora Witanowsky, Marco Palladino & Lara Carminati, Martin Vicente & Ayelen Urrutia, Matteo Panero & Patricia Hilliges, Pablo Fernandez Gomez & Ludmila Srnkova.

  • Encuentro Milonguero-Milonguero, Calpe — SPAIN

    October 31 – November 3

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