28 events
on the map
28 events
totally in April 2020

28 events
on the map

28 events
totally in April 2020
  • Apertura Tango Festival & Championship

    April 2–5

    Maestros: Jonatan Agüero & Veronica Palacious, Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides, Valentin Arias & Diana Paola Franco,

  • Tango Ambassadors 5th Edition

    April 3–5

    Maestros: Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli y Juana Sepulveda

  • Vilnius Milonguero Weekend

    April 4–5

  • Tango Journey to Buenos Aires 2020

    April 4–18

    Maestros: Gabriel Angio

  • OsterTango 2020

    April 9–13

    Maestros: Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz, Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau, Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband and Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón. Music: Tanghetto, Solo Tango Orquesta, Sexteto Solo Tango. Special Guest: Silvia Ceriani and Pepa Palazón. The course for beginners: Lionel Wirz & Isabel Brumann. Tango-Exhibition from Giulia Fonti

  • ATUSA Official Tango Championship & Festival

    April 9–12

    Maestros: Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia, Cristian Correa & Leah Barsky.

  • ATUSA Argentine Tango USA Official Championship and Festival

    April 9–12

    Maestros: Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Guillermina Quiroga & Mariano Logiudice, Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia, Cristian Correa & Leah Barsky, Los Ocampo

  • Trasnochando Tango Festival Berlin

    April 10–13

    Maestros: Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval, Aldana Silveyra & Diego Ortega, Belén Martínez & Niko Carambas.

  • "Red Rabbit" Roma Neotango Marathon

    April 10–13

    This year we will be in a venue near the centre (in the main university area) with wooden floor and close to many different accommodation solutions so that you can choose the one which you like. The Neotango Festival dancing venue will be equipped to create an amazing virtual dancing environment and scenography.

  • Porquerolles Tango Spring Edition

    April 10–14

    Denise is argentinian and Thierry is french, together we offer 3, 4 or 5 days of Argentine Tango, discovery and relaxation on a paradise island...

  • Pasqua Tango Monticelli Terme

    April 10–13

    Maestros: Roberto Herrera, Sebastian Zanchez y Malvina Gili, Sebastian Nieva y Celeste Rey, Marco Palladino y Lara Carminati, Luigi Bisello y Tania Grisostomi, Riccardo Ongari y Silvina Agüera, Andrea Vighi y Chiara Benati.

  • Victoria Tango Marathon 2020

    April 10–13

  • La Sonrisa Encuentro Milonguero

    April 11–13

  • TangoNeta Napoli

    April 16–19

    Maestros: Sebastian de la Vallina

  • Amaraton

    April 17–19

  • Costa Barcelona Spa Tango

    April 19–25

    Maestros: Denise & Thierry Guardiola

  • 15º International Porto Tango Festival

    April 22–26

    Maestros: Ruben Veliz y Sabrina Veliz, Sebastian Achával y Roxana Suarez, Joe Corbata y Lucila Cionci, Fernando Jorge y Alexandra Baldaque. Music: Orchestra Tango Sonos Great maestros, 5 days and 5 nights: milongas, workshops, other activities.

  • Festival Internacional Ataque Tango Benidorm

    April 22–26

    Maestros: Laura Sidera y Mauricio Monzón, Elizabeth Cordone y Matias Rivas, Angela Quacquarella y Mauro Rossi. Music: El Cachivache Quinteto

  • Los-Puentes Tango Marathon Vol.4 Wonderland

    April 23–27

  • BeSTFest

    April 23–27

  • Festival Tango Mágico

    April 24–26

  • 6th Benidorm Tango Festival and Marathon

    April 29 – May 3

    Maestros: Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh

  • Krakus Aires Tango Festival

    April 30 – May 4

    Maestros: Agnieszka Stach & Tymoteusz Ley

  • Neo Nights

    April 30 – May 3

  • 5th Anniversary Limassol Souvlaki Tango Marathon

    April 30 – May 5

  • Encuentro Tanguero holiday

    April 30 – May 3

    Maestros: "Los Totis" Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez.

  • Baltic Tango Cup and Festival

    April 30 – May 4

    Maestros: Maria Ines Bogado and Roberto Zuccarino

  • Los Elegidos Tango Marathon

    April 30 – May 4

    DJ’s: Alejandro Marce Herlan, Asya Moiseeva, Ilias Selalmazidis, Irfan Dönmez, Kadir Unay, Konrad Krynski, Murat Elmadagli. Total of 7 Milongas and 43 hours dance. 500 square meter salon, 120 square meter wooden dance floor. Gender balance. Important Cabeceo and Ronda... Maximum 200 dancers. Dancers with at least 2 years of experience.

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