16 events
on the map
16 events
totally in November 2023

16 events
on the map

16 events
totally in November 2023
  • South Crete Tango holiday

    October 21 – November 4

    Maestros: Susanne Mühlhaus Dance every night. Relax, learn, dance, enjoy, in our nice little Tango hotel by the beach. Dance under the starry sky of Crete open air. Wonderful atmosphere. Join us for this outstanding experience!

  • Empathic Tango Encuentro

    October 27 – November 1

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  • Tango Maya Fest

    November 1–6

    Maestros: Celina Rotundo & Hugo Patyn, Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozco, Rod & Jenny, John Miller and Jesica Cutler, Lindsey and Ricardo

  • Tangoparty

    November 2–5

  • Japan Tango Tour 2023

    November 8–18

    Maestros: Raquel Greenberg

  • Tres Besos Encuentro Milonguero

    November 9–12

  • Krakow Vinyl Tango Marathon De Oro

    November 10–12

  • Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival 2023

    November 15–20

  • Sol de Invierno Tango Marathon

    November 16–20

  • Lisbon Tuga Tango Marathon

    November 16–19

  • Recuerdo Tango Festival

    November 23–26

  • Welsh International Tango Festival

    November 24–27

    Maestros: Nick Jones & Diana Cruz

  • Joy of Tango marathon 2023

    November 24–26

    Music: Tangótica, Tango sonos

  • Berlin Encuentro Milonguero

    November 24–26

  • Empathic Tango Encuentro

    November 30 – December 4

  • Winter Tango Marathon

    November 30 – December 4

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