23 events
on the map
23 events
totally in July 2023

23 events
on the map

23 events
totally in July 2023
  • South Crete Tango holiday

    June 17 – July 1

    Maestros: Giorgos Linardos Relax, learn, dance, enjoy, in our nice little Tango hotel by the beach. Dance under the starry sky of Crete open air. Wonderful atmosphere. Join us for this outstanding experience!

  • Easter Tango Munich 2023

    June 17 – July 1

    Maestros: Pablo Verón, Metin Yazir, Giorgos

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  • Tango Pod Żaglami

    June 24 – July 1

  • New Zealand Tango Festival

    June 29 – July 4

  • Garúa - Milonguero Craícfest

    June 29 – July 3

  • Catania Summer Tango Week

    June 29 – July 2

  • Beltango & Friends Festival

    June 29 – July 3

    Maestros: Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heredia, Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella, Santiago Giachello & Agostina Tarchini. Music: BELTANGO

  • 2023 Midsummer Tango Marathon

    June 29 – July 3

  • Encuentro Milonguero Matera

    June 30 – July 2

  • Tangoweek Mallorca

    July 1–8

    Maestros: Harald Rotter, Lothar Burow, Susanne Illini

  • Morbihan Tango Festival

    July 3–9

    Maestros: Carlos & Mirella Santos David, Michael ‘El Gato’ & Elvira Lambo, Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina

  • 3rd Cappadocia Tango Marathon

    July 13–17

  • International Trani Tango. Decima edizione

    July 13–16

    Maestros: Miguel Angel Zotto y Daiana Guspero, Vanesa Villalba y Facundo Pinero, Lucilla Cionci y Joe Corbata, Estefy Gomez y Fernando Rodriguez, Magdalena Valdez y Giampiero Catone, Valentina Romano y Mariano Palazon, Giorgia Rossello y Vito Raffanelli, Valentina Guglielmi y Miky Padovano. Music: Orchestra a Piedi Della Cattedrale.

  • Tangotage Baden "Amado" - encuentro milonguero

    July 20–23

  • Riga Summer Tango Marathon

    July 20–24

  • PHANTASTango!

    July 21–23

  • Tango Barocco 5th Anniversary

    July 26–30

  • Tangowe wakacje w Aspen

    July 27 – August 5

  • Tango Guinguette... Le P’tit Marathon de Cantaron!

    July 27–30

    A friendly event built around 30 hours of traditional milongas and neo-tango with 6 guest DJs of international origins and renown. 3 days and 4 summer nights devoted to Argentine tango with a welcome show, activities, exhibitions, and screenings completely free of access!

  • Žirovnice Tango Summer Camp 2023

    July 27–30

  • Lolita Summer Encuentro Milonguero in Barcelona

    July 28–30

  • Bergen Embrace 2023 La número cinco

    July 28–31

  • Moonlight Tango Winter Festival

    July 28–30

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