37 events
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37 events
totally in October 2020

37 events
on the map

37 events
totally in October 2020
  • Tango Holiday and Hungarian Cuisine. Let’s dance again

    September 30 – October 5

  • Велада Танго-марафон

    October 1–4

    Трехдневный танго-марафон в рамках танго-уикенда

  • Benidorm Tango Festival and Marathon

    October 1–4

    Maestros: Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Murat Erdemsel, Valentina Garnier & Juan Amaya.

  • Russian Tango weekend in Tula

    October 2–5

    Maestros: Ирина Петриченко, Сергей и Анна Сохненко, Юрий Штыкин и Наталья Молокова, Руслан Тахиров и Наталья Атепаева.

  • La Parada Milonguera 7 Encuentro

    October 2–4

  • Encuentro Milonguero en Calabria

    October 2–4

  • Ojos Negros Tango Weekend - 3rd Edition

    October 2–4

  • El Greco Tango Festival & Marathon

    October 2–4

    Maestros: Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon

  • Tango Aires Festival

    October 2–4

    Maestros: Mario Morales

  • International Tango Championship Paris

    October 2–4

  • 20th Maracuentro - Tango Marathon with Love - Berlin Vinyl

    October 2–4

  • Tango Holidays in Cyprus

    October 3–10

    Maestros: Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker

  • Spa Tango Mallorca

    October 5–11

    Hotel**** with Spa facing the sea Sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, heated swimming pool, massages ... Argentinian Tango Workshop

  • La Lupa Tango Marathon

    October 8–10

  • Riga Autumn tango marathon

    October 8–12

  • Encuentro Tango 2020

    October 8–11


  • Encuentro Internacional Tango Valencia

    October 8–12

    Maestros: Fausto Carpino y Stephanie Fesneau, Agustina Piaggio y Maksim Gerasimov

  • Encuentro Tango - Internacional festival

    October 8–11

  • Tango Megatrip & Spa to Greece IV

    October 9–11

    Maestros: Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrangelo

  • Tango Festival Groningen

    October 9–11

    Maestros: Maja Petrovic & Marko Miljevic. Music: Hamburg Tango Quintet, R&G Tango Duo

  • Le Lac Tango

    October 17–24

  • Marrakech Tango Festival

    October 17–19

    Discover a unique tango festival, featuring internationally renowned maestros, and enjoy the charm of the African imperial city of Marrakech. Maestros: Alejandra Heredia & Mariano Otero, Yanina Quinones & Neri Piliu.

  • Bali Tango Holidays

    October 19–29

    Maestros: Pablo & Emilie Tegli

  • Mallorca Tango Festival

    October 20–25

    Maestros: Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepúlveda, Sabrina & Rubén Veliz, Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, "Los Totis" Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez, Marcelo Ramer & Selva Mastroti, Octavio Fernandez & Corina Herrera.

  • Encuentro El Huracán Tango

    October 22–25

  • Noches de Hungría Tango Marathon

    October 22–25

  • Magic Castle Tango Marathon

    October 23–26

  • Spa Tango Costa Brava

    October 24 – November 1

    Luxury hotel ****S with Spa facing the sea Sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, heated swimming pool, massages ... Argentinian Tango Workshop. Choice of 4 or 7 day stay

  • Porquerolles Tango

    October 25–31

  • Tango Muc-Her, Autumn Edition

    October 27 – November 4

  • TangoNeta! Catalunya

    October 28 – November 1

  • TangoNeta Catalunya

    October 28 – November 1

    Maestros: Sebastian de la Vallina, Alejandro Gonzalez & Gisela Navonit

  • Milonguero Milonguero

    October 29 – November 1

  • Los Elegidos Tango Marathon

    October 29 – November 1

    DJ’s: Alejandro Marce Herlan, Asya Moiseeva, Ilias Selalmazidis, Irfan Dönmez, Kadir Unay, Konrad Krynski, Murat Elmadagli. Total of 7 Milongas and 43 hours dance. 500 square meter salon, 120 square meter wooden dance floor. Gender balance. Important Cabeceo and Ronda... Maximum 200 dancers. Dancers with at least 2 years of experience.

  • TimeforTango Festival

    October 29 – November 1

    Maestros: Alberto Bersini & Paola Pinessi, Carlos Rodriguez & Brigita Rodriguez, Daniel Oviedo & Mariana Casagrande, Edwin Olarte & Vittoria Franchina, Juan Carlos Martinez & Nora Witanowsky, Marco Palladino & Lara Carminati, Martin Vicente & Ayelen Urrutia, Matteo Panero & Patricia Hilliges. Music: Quinteto Tanguango. The Festival will take place in 2020 only if the International Guidelines allow it and only if it will be possible to carry it out in the maximum tranquility and serenity for everyone ... otherwise all it postponed to 2021 !!!

  • Bergen Tango Marathon 12th edition

    October 30 – November 2

  • Los-Puentes Tango Marathon Vol.4 Wonderland

    October 30 – November 1

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